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The Franklin County Office of Management & Budget promotes fiscal accountability and formulates well-developed budgets for the Board of Commissioners which facilitates informed decisions in support of high quality services for County residents.


The Franklin County Office of Management & Budget (OMB) provides fiscal and management consultant services to County leadership to assist them in making informed financial and strategic decisions.  OMB is responsible for assisting County Administration in submitting a balanced $2 billion annual budget of County operations to the Board of Commissioners for approval. Under the direction of the County Administrator, OMB coordinates the budget preparation process and provides guidance to County agencies, courts, and boards.  OMB Budget Analysts conduct thorough reviews of the requested budgets and develop recommendations for County Administration.  The staff also ensures the County's resources maintain alignment with the Commissioners’ core principles, agency strategic business plans, and performance measures.  OMB Budget Analysts help monitor the implementation of agency budgets through financial reports and forecasts.  In cooperation with County agencies, staff prepare resolutions for amendments or supplements to the approved budget for approval by the Board of Commissioners throughout the year. 

Performance Budgeting

In 2000, the County implemented a Managing for Results (MFR) initiative and took the first step in reaching a larger goal to run County government more like a business by focusing on customer service, accountability, and results.  In 2011, the County began implementation of the Budgeting for Policy Results and Outcomes (BPRO) initiative. The County revised its strategic core principles and goals and refined its strategies to attain the goals. The strategic business plan and performance measurement systems used by County agencies were also revised.  The County continues to utilize and improve upon this framework of outcome-based budgeting and policy goal-centered management.  The annual budget reflects a solid commitment to the Commissioners' core principles: 
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