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Community Partnership Program

Franklin County is committed to improving the lives of residents. Through collaboration and in partnership with local vendors, business owners, non-profit organizations and national, state and local governments, we strive to ensure that county agencies provide services efficiently and effectively.

Equally important, the Commissioners partner directly with community agencies that seek to create well-paying jobs for residents and economic development opportunities for businesses, protect the environment, further the community's access to affordable healthcare, stabilize families and children and keep our neighborhoods safe.

The Community Partnerships Program is a competitive grant process whereby the Commissioners support local community-based organizations that serve county residents. In order to qualify, the applying organization must have attained 501(c)(3) non-profit status from the IRS. Proposals must demonstrate how effectively and efficiently the initiative or program will help the Board of Commissioners achieve its strategic goals of:

  • Community Safety, Security and Effective Justice
  • Job Creation, Strategic Economic Development, and Fiscal Security
  • Supportive Health and Human Services
  • Good Stewardship of Natural Resources, Environmental Sustainability, and Civic Engagement
  • Efficient, Responsive and Fiscally Sustainable Government Operations

Groups seeking a county grant or help researching potential funders are encouraged to contact Dayna McCrary 614-525-4169.

John O'Grady President
Marilyn Brown
Kevin L. Boyce